Justice, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI). If you ask a Star Wars fan what Jedi means to them you will probably hear a rousing endorsement how the Jedi Knights “stood as guardians of peace and justice in the Galactic Republic.

At IT Concepts (ITC), the JEDI council was created to facilitate the idea that ITC does more than just say “we are an Equal Opportunity employer.” We have formed a small group of JEDI Knights to champion events, activities, and discussions to help share awareness, knowledge, and understanding of all forms of JEDI.

Diversity is not just defined by the traditional pillars associated with the word, like gender, race, age, etc. but at ITC we also consider diversity of thought, geography, technical disciplines, teamwork, and so much more. We can all benefit from input that differs and can provide an alternative way of approaching something that we see only through our own personal lenses. And this is exactly what the JEDI Council will provide.

JEDI Council Events

Over the course of 2021 we will be hosting a variety of events and opportunities for all of ITC to leverage. From Black History Month to Pride in June, the ITC JEDI Council is excited and enthusiastic to help us all celebrate our differences and what makes our team here dynamic. Our planned events include:

  • JEDI Book Club: A number of books were selected that focus on business and professional growth with a JEDI theme.
  • JEDI Playlist: Each quarter we will publish a playlist of music to highlight each quarters’ themes.
  • JEDI in the Workplace – Brown-bag discussions will be held about how to approach JEDI awareness, and how we anticipate the coming year and changes to the EO as it pertains to ITC.
  • Women’s Heritage Month
  • JEDI Council Meetings – Will occur once a month and open to all. These will be used to discuss upcoming events, as well as opportunities for community outreach, recruiting in marginalized communities, and trends in how JEDI outside of ITC impacts our company

The possibilities for this new initiative are endless. ITC looks forward to continuing to celebrate and harness our diverse nature.