COVID-19 forced the Department of Defense (DoD) to cancel hiring events, greatly reducing talent acquisition efforts and organizational fill rates. It became a challenge trying to make virtual interviews productive and maintain equal employment opportunities for all individuals while meeting/exceeding DoD hiring goals. Now, more than ever, it is important to take into consideration how the overall recruiting and interview experience sends a powerful message.
To successfully facilitate DoD’s shift to virtual hiring, ITC engaged in change management, revamping the hiring process using tools, techniques, and process change to increase adoption for this culture and operational shift brought on by COVID-19.
Within 30 days, we hosted demonstrations, scheduled 1500+ interviews, and trained 400+ users on how to conduct virtual interviews. We worked with the Office of Corporate Communications to reinforce the DoD’s commitment to a positive candidate experience, from scripting and recording videos to a broader branding effort supporting the DoD’s candidate engagement. ITC’s HireVue customization created a channel to communicate easily with candidates and send links to interviews in the existing applicant tracking system which resulted in seamless and flexible communication with applicants.
  • Greater insights into virtual interview applications (e.g., processes, staff, and candidates) using data metrics
  • Adhered to social distancing guidance, reduced cost, increased geographic reach, saved time, and created flexibility for candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers
Tim Larson
Tim Larson
Project Manager