The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) needed a solution that would provide a centralized, microservices-based environment to house the majority of its applications and enable them to quickly build, deploy, and scale functionality to its business users (1,500+ users), while enhancing security and optimizing infrastructure costs.
ITC led the architecture and DevSecOps support using an agile development approach and DevSecOps practices to build the Analytic Development Office’s (ADO) enterprise capability and deployed it to the classified Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment (C2S). We used “API First” development to ensure integration with any application on the platform, allowing for a set of reusable functionalities or common set of utilities (e.g., we re-architected the UI from Bootstrap to React to Angular to allow development teams to reengineer the interfaces without impacting the business logic).
We architected and managed the environment, supported the migration of applications to C2S, provided full lifecycle application development, and served as the DevSecOps lead to build out, test, and manage the 250+ EC2 AWS cloud environment instances. We successfully migrated 20 services into a container-based/Open-Shift managed service, producing a 10x improvement in the build/deployment timelines for services and allowing quicker deployments across hybrid cloud environments.
  • Application teams can focus on the build/deployment of new, unique functionality and bringing products into production rapidly and efficiently
  • Monitoring cloud costs using the AWS dashboard and custom CloudWatch metrics to alert us to cost-based changes such as new volumes saved DIA hundreds of thousands of dollars in infrastructure costs to date
  • Created the reference architecture for custom enterprise applications that would be used across the Agency
Jon Hammond
Jon Hammond
Chief Technology Officer