As with many enterprise transformations in industry and across the government, cohesiveness, and standardized approaches for functional communities to understand their system and application portfolio are challenging to enforce. The United States Air Force (USAF) Business Mission Area (BMA) experienced delays, setbacks, and obstacles during their rationalization and cloud migration journeys. Each functional community created its own siloed rationalization playbook and approach, leading to redundant and overlapping capabilities, disjointing an enterprise effort.
ITC used a three-step approach: Engage, Analyze, and Codify to develop a coordinated playbook. We conducted a series of interviews with leaders of each functional community to engage and gather their lessons learned, experience, challenges and obstacles. Through industry best practices and government partnered workgroups, we established Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and metrics to measure the progress of implementation on an enterprise level and began to standardize a rationalization process.
ITC’s SAF/MG Playbook was reviewed by both senior leaders in the Air Force and verified by Gartner as possible, implementable, and accurate. ITC’s solution established a new process for conducting rationalization exercises, to include expected outcomes, common taxonomy, and useful tools and templates across the functional communities.
  • Gained universal buy-in and insight into related enterprise challenges
  • Established metrics and KPIs to help monitor and manage rationalization activities across the enterprise
Barbara Newman
Barbara Newman
Program Manager