When Covid-19 hit, the United States Patent Trading Office (USPTO) required a pivot to 100% remote work. While USPTO supported some telework, a 100% pivot overnight inadvertently resulted in sharing of disparate information and guidance.
In order to provide clear, consistent, and uniform guidance, ITC collaborated with the Director, Division Chiefs, and USPTO technical teams to gather critical information and resources, use best practices, and follow brand guidelines to develop COVID-19 website platform (DreamWeaver, HTML, CSS, JavaScript) and content.
ITC created a time-sensitive, critical website for USPTO to share timely COVID-19 content, guidance, and information. The website served as the main source of information related to the USPTO and COVID-19 for all employees and contractors. We included links related to vaccination information for the DMV area as well as important CDC information and how to protect employees in their specific occupation and when using public transportation.
  • Dissipated confusion and provided clarity when USPTO employees needed it most
  • Provided a user-friendly and mobile-friendly central repository for all USPTO employees when they needed guidance and support
Wanda Stewart
Project Manager